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I'm getting older and it's weird

What's weirder is that no one seems to talk about Gen X unless it's lumped in with how awful Baby Boomers view Millenials. There are so many things I feel I need to speak about, especially since no one really talks about how amazing the counterculture of the 90's were hugely Gen Xers. Except Tom Hanks-he kind of hinted at it in his rad series on Netflix called "The Nineties". It inspired me to really sit down and keep my promise to myself about blogging. Yes I want to share how I am still alive even though depression from a shitty childhood made it terrifyingly difficult sometimes, and I absolutely want to share how being a hiker is amazing, and yoga has been my bff for twenty years, but I definitely feel like I want to share some parts of the counter culture of the 90's so they are not forgotten.

That's what is so weird about getting older-it's like you begin to worry that cool shit will get lost. When I hang out with the Millies and they have never heard of the Doors or the Ramones, I feel panicked that Mazzy Star and the Sea and Cake will definitely be lost forever. Music is what gave me and so many in my generation an identity and an opening in the darkness for the beam of light called "hope" to trickle through. Whether we were raving in the desert to a dj from Holland or bobbing our heads to the driving guitars of an indie rock band in a basement, we were collectively hoping. And living.

There is a saturation of music these days that I fear the good stuff will be forever lost. Which means the true voice of Gen X will be silenced and replaced with just music from Madonna and Prince, which was rad, don't get me wrong, but we were far too young to connect and when we grew up, it was Nirvana and The Sundays who swooped in and saved us.

So yeah, I have ADHD (never been medicated, thank you poverty!) and I have only a slight idea of where this tunnel I am digging will lead. You can bet there will be lots of cursing and twists and turns, though. Hopefully, it will be a fun journey any generation can take with me.

"Peace, love, and harmony"-Morrissey

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